NCsoft unveils its mobile platform emulator, Purple

Back in order.

NCsoft is big into mobile gaming, but it also wants people to be able to take that mobile gaming cross-platform. Rather than building a game like Lineage 2M as a cross-platform title to start with, however, the company went with the new Purple software, an emulator designed to allow access to mobile titles under NCsoft’s banner on the desktop. Instead of a third-party solution like BlueStacks, Purple is being built in-house, with the name chosen to evoke images of how the color purple transitions between red and blue.

Among the tools Purple purports to offer are streaming support, key configuration, an integrated chat system with optional voice chat, and multiple accounts from mobile linked to the same desktop. It is also planned for a worldwide release, which means that mobile titles like Lineage 2M should be accessible to players on multiple platforms as well as singular ones. You can check out a features video just below; it seems like this is an effort to continue on with ventures into the mobile gaming space while not alienating PC gamers.

Source: MMO Culture
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