The Covenant abilities for Death Knights in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands have been revealed


When World of Warcraft: Shadowlands arrives, every individual class will be choosing between four different class-specific abilities via the Covenants. Of course, enterprising fans on the BlizzCon show floor when the expansion was revealed took a look at all of the Kyrian Covenant abilities for the twelve classes, and during the panels the Mage abilities for all the Covenants got shown off. But now a new batch is available courtesy of GameInformer, which has revealed the Covenant abilities for Death Knights of all stripes.

Each of the abilities works somewhat differently, but they are all thematically tied to Death Knights as a class, ranging from the natural wilting of Death’s Due (courtesy of the Night Fae) to just sprouting a new undead limb and going to town on your target (courtesy of the Necrolords). Of course, the numbers on the abilities are no doubt subject to change, but players can take a look at the full lineup to get an idea of how the now proliferating Death Knights will be harnessing the literal power of death in the expansion.

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