Reading time is over: ArcheAge shutters its problematic library dungeon


Hope you got all of your overdue books turned in, because ArcheAge’s Ayanad Library has closed its doors. Actually, the three-floor dungeon was causing a lot of problems for the game itself, which is why the developers announced that they have disabled the instance on the new ArcheAge Unchained servers.

“It was planned to be retired in an upcoming update, but because of the performance issues it is causing, we have disabled it on ArcheAge Unchained,” Gamigo reported. “Players that were in progress on Ayanad Library related quests, like the Ayanad Earring, will have those quests refreshed in an upcoming update. Affected players will be able to continue making progress after the update is released, which is anticipated for some time this December.”

Source: ArcheAge
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