Perfect World announces the return of the Winter Festival in Neverwinter and drops a tease for Star Trek Online


There’s no place like Neverwinter for the holidays, or at least that’s how Perfect World would like players to feel as the MMORPG gets festive once more with the return of the Winter Festival seasonal event.

Twilight Tor will once again open for the season, bringing along with it some sled racing and ice fishing events to take part in, as well as monster slaying to do with the Monsters on Ice quest because it can’t be an MMO holiday event without players whaling on critters. There’s also stargazing that can be done to grant your character some buffs. Goodies available to earn this year include a Winter Flail Snail mount and a couple of yeti vanity pets. Previous years’ Star of Fortune items are available to purchase in the Zen Store if one is so inclined or perhaps missed out on some of the shiny.

In other PWE news, Star Trek Online appears to be teasing the next phase of the Awakening story with an image posting that features a heavily redacted message from the Federation Astrophysics Database. We’ve shared it below in case you’re among the curious captains.

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Richard de Leon III

Frankly I’m not fond of the STD content beyond the actual enterprise and discovery ships. Its a bit on the nose that cbs is pushing cryptic to do more STD. I wish they either did more of the real canon series (I insist STD is a divergent timeline), or forge on a more interesting independent story.