Secret World Legends whispers of Krampusnacht 2019


It may have been a quiet year for Secret World Legends, but at least Funcom is keeping the event cycle going. That means that the creaky door has swung open on Krampusnacht, the horror MMO’s sinister holiday event.

The Yule event draws from Norse mythology, sending players through doorways to Niflheim and pitting them against krampuses (krampi?) in various zones. If this year is like the past, there should be login rewards, fun drops, items for your museum, and four quests to complete.

Need help? Here’s our guide from 2017, which should still be relevant. Krampusnacht is scheduled to end on January 2nd, so make sure that you get everything done in it that you want to by that date!

Source: Twitter

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This game deserved so much better. And I don’t necessarily mean from the devs’ side; I think the masses weren’t ready for it. It’s in a really really short list of AAA MMOs that can be considered unique. Now it’s all but dead, and EVE seems to be on its way out too. There’s no greater sadness in my life than being forced to watch the painful, slow death of this genre, with all the potential it had.

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Sorry. There are kittens in Kingsmouth that need me.


Well, at least Moons of Madness was pretty darn awesome. Just finished playing that.

Malcolm Swoboda

Okay, for information, the update apparently has also expanded Dark Agartha difficulty and rewards, added a new separate dropped cache, and pushed ‘difficulty’ levels from Elite 10 up to beyond/17.

Can only hope this is a prep for future challenges that *include story*. Ha!

Malcolm Swoboda

Yay. Event cycle.


…I thought it was a name for a breakfast cereal. O.o