Star Citizen fan says he spent $31,000 on the game following a near-death experience

'Star Citizen is my therapy'


Gather round, Star Citizen skeptics and superfans, because it’s story time over on the game’s subreddit.

Redditor ILMsux has posted a gripping story about a television shoot he was conducting when everything went horribly wrong. I do mean gripping; it’s detailed and scary, and if it’s not true – if it’s not some sort of elaborate troll – then ILMsux should consider a second career in written storytelling and not just directing. Apparently, he and his crew were scouting for a location to shoot from when they hit some rapids and everyone was tossed out into the frigid water and nearly died, complete with “life flashing before my eyes” kinda stuff. Fortunately, everyone made it.

So what does it have to do with Star Citizen? Well, that near-death experience, ILMsux says, caused him to internalize his mortality in unhealthy ways – like obsessing about everything he suddenly realized he wouldn’t ever be able to experience in his lifetime. And that led a friend to point him toward the far-flung space MMO, where he could drop his hard-earned money on something he could do.

“My father was an astronomy enthusiast and I spent many nights as a child looking at the stars, pouring over star charts, watching Cosmos, etc. I was flip-flopping between being infuriated and depressed that I won’t live long enough to experience true space travel. Then, a friend mentions something called Star Citizen to me. I latch on like no tomorrow. I read every article, watch every video, start watching streams. This is what I need. Citizens … I’m all in guys. I have to see this project through. It’s as close as I’m going to get. Star Citizen is my therapy. My career keeps me very busy but when I have free time, I’m in the stars. I’m in a really buttoned-up Org (Shout out Synchronizers!) of like minded (kinda!) enthusiasts. It might be the closest thing I’ll experience to space travel. For me and my sanity … it’s the best money I ever spent.”

How much money? $31,000. I suppose some people do a lot more damage in far more harmful ways, right? Regardless, his goal was apparently to make people realize that the people backing the game aren’t all just rich weirdos with an addiction to pixel ships.

“I think many people following this project … the true believers, the casual player, the mildly interested from afar, the gamers who think this level of crowdfunding is for the unintelligent, even to those who think this whole thing is a sham … might want a more well rounded perspective on all the different people who are making SQ42/SC possible and their motivations,” he writes. “Plus, writing things like this is therapeutic for managing the PTSD I suffer with after the accident. Trust me … it’s not about pixel ships for everyone.”

If you’ve got the time, the whole thread is worth a skim as other backers are popping up to relate their own harrowing brushes with death and how they’ve come together to support the game.

In all seriousness, we wish ILMsux well and hope he feels he’s getting what he’s paid for!

Source: Reddit. Thanks, TheChiefTurtle!
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