Fallout 76 hackers found a way to loot players from up to 200 meters away

Because of course they did


Yep, it’s another Fallout 76 bellyflop story, which I should mention is not something we here at the MOP offices take delight in reporting — we’d prefer that this game just work correctly. That said, there’s a new hack that was shown off by the same folks who summoned Fallout 4 items and NPCs into Fallout 76, this being one that lets players loot another player’s inventory.

The hack was shared by TKs Mantis, who was contacted by several people involved with the Fallout 4 hack job to warn of another incoming hack that lets players loot other player inventories without engaging in a trade request, effectively turning all other players into lootable containers. This hack can reportedly be performed from as far away as 200 meters, and doesn’t even require one to have their victim in visual range. The person who wrote the hack, a player by the name of ERECTban, went so far as to warn members of TKs Mantis’ Discord to “stay away from Adventure Mode.” This hack, for the record, is specific to the PC version of the game.

While you might assume that since Bethesda is on a holiday break, this hack could take weeks to fix, but an update from TKs Mantis has stated that Bethesda has been made aware of the situation, and he assures that at least prominent members of the community management team are on the case. That said, there’s no real details on when a hotfix will deploy to patch this rather gaping hole in the game. You can take a look at some video footage of the hack in action below.

source: Reddit, thanks to Danny and Pepperzine for the tip!
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