Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne boosts PC population significantly, introduces save bug


We’re kind of used to reporting on Monster Hunter World doing big numbers — that was practically the game’s news cycle for several months when it made its debut — so the fact that the Iceborne expansion’s PC release has been raking in lots of players is perhaps not too surprising. That said, it’s still an impressive number: concurrency counts have steadily climbed since this past Thursday to a peak of 284,524 late this past Sunday, which is very near the game’s all-time concurrency record of 334,684.

It hasn’t been all sunshine and happy Rathians, though. A number of players have reported that their old save file data failed to load upon initial startup, and when prompted to create a new save file, the old data gets overwritten, meaning players have to start from ground zero. For a Monster Hunter fan, that’s effectively a kiss of death. Luckily, there appears to be a workaround: simply quit the game and say “Yes” when prompted to close without saving. There are also some helpful threads on Reddit and Steam to help players out.

There have also been some reported performance problems since the new update, which the team appears to be aware of. Players are asked to contact support with their PC specs to help pin down the problem.

sources: VG247, Kotaku, Twitter
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