Lord of the Rings Online releases a three-pack of Minas Morgul dungeons


If you think you have seen all of the dark terrors that Minas Morgul has to offer, think again. Lord of the Rings Online unlocked the doors to a trio of dungeons for the latest expansion and is now allowing players to rush in to their mortal doom.

Today’s Update 25.3 adds three more dungeons to anyone who purchased the Minas Morgul expansion. These instances are the “profane temple” of Bar Nirnaeth, a Second Age-themed Fallen Kings battle, and the “Halls of Black Lore,” otherwise known as Ghashan-Kutot.

The Fallen Kings is the only one of the three that requires six players, which makes sense since you’ll need all the help you can get to fight all nine Nazg├╗l in the past.

LOTRO released a statement yesterday saying that the Daybreak studio shakeups will have “no impact” upon SSG’s operation of the Middle-earth MMO.

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