Legends of Aria adds a ‘Grand Bazaar’ to spur economy


The economy of Legends of Aria is about to get a shot in the arm. The team, identifying that isolated player shops weren’t working quite as well for a global market, decided to add a “Grand Bazaar” to the game with Release 9. Not quite a traditional auction house, the Bazaar allows players to search items for sale and then tell them where to pick them up. So, it’s kind of like Amazon: The MMO.

“All design and implementation decisions for the Grand Bazaar are based around allowing the players to quickly find items they want, purchase those items, and collect them from the vendor which sold them,” said the team.

And speaking of upcoming events, Legends of Aria is getting ready to host a house raffle and a Valentine’s Day decoration contest over the course of the next month.

Curious how this sandbox plays? MOP’s own Chris was as well, taking two stabs at approaching it for Choose My Adventure back in 2019. His conclusions? The MMO is “rife with confusion and bafflement along nearly every step.”

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