Darkfall: Rise of Agon boosts boss loot and adds minions in a recent update


Darkfall: Rise of Agon continues its focus on PvE gameplay with the most recent update, which has added, among other things, better boss loot, some new dungeon dailies, and minions for the game’s strongest monsters. Because what’s the point of being a strong monster if you don’t have minions? It’s hard to be a boss with nobody to boss around, you know.

On the subject of bosses, the fire dragon, ice dragon, and demon lord now have randomized spawn and respawn timers, which will be announced to players in a server-wide announcement when these critters arrive. Each of these bosses are also seeing loot reward improvements, with the ice dragon getting “considerable” improvements, the demon lord receiving a large loot increase as well as a boost to the demon chest, and the fire dragon offering up a new dye.

It’s not just about the bosses, though, as there will also be minions for a wide variety of powerful targets in the game. These minions should provide an extra layer of challenge to fights as well as give players something to whale on while the region’s master respawns.

The latest update has also given every dungeon on each subcontinent a challenging new daily quest, improved monster markers on the map, adjusted drop rates for the eodrin, erodach, and minotaur king, and has begun the process of phasing out rare cotton and rawhide. The update announcement outlines these features in greater detail for those who are eager to take a look themselves.

source: official site, cheers Daniel!
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