MMORPG OrbusVR’s 2020 roadmap includes $9.99 DLC called the Mini Story Pack

MMORPG OrbusVR’s 2020 roadmap includes $9.99 DLC called the Mini Story Pack

Yep, it’s another roadmap news story! I don’t mind, though; as I said in the most recent Massively Overthinking piece, I tend to like these things. This time the roadmap comes courtesy of the plucky little VR MMORPG OrbusVR, which includes, among other reveals, the game’s first ever DLC.

February and March will see free updates arriving to the game in the form of the second phase of the Explorer’s League Outposts and the Springtime Festival respectively. February’s update will bring another 5-10 hours’ worth of Orbus’ main story as players seek to maintain a number of NPC relations. Of course, there’s rewards waiting like a transmog chest piece, new dyes, and new buildings. As for the Springtime Festival, details on this event will arrive soon, but expect a flower-dotted landscape, tasks to rake in the bounty of spring, and (naturally) new dangers to face.

In the second quarter of 2020, OrbusVR will launch its Mini Story Pack 1, which brings all-new zones, quest lines, and NPCs, and promises an experience that will let players see the world of Patreayl like never before. Specifically, players will be shrunk down by a micronizer and explore the miniature ecosystem of the world. Expect eight new monsters, five new mini levels including a new dungeon, three new armor sets, two new weapon sets, and other goodies to collect like a new mount, pet, house decor, and achievements. The Mini Story Pack will cost $9.99.

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