The Daily Grind: So how do you feel about Torchlight Frontiers becoming Torchlight III?

The Daily Grind: So how do you feel about Torchlight Frontiers becoming Torchlight III?

I have to be honest: The change in Torchlight Frontiers has me pretty disappointed. It’s not like I’m a huge fan of the prior games anyhow, but there was a genuine joyful verve to the series that made for an interesting potential adaptation to the MMO space in ways that raised the question of how it could be handled. The answer, apparently, is that it couldn’t be, or at least that it won’t be; now Torchlight III has taken over everything, and the potential for a full MMO has vanished once again down the rabbit hole.

However… well, did I mention that I wasn’t exactly a fan of the series prior? There are people who are fans of the series who may very well be happier about this change because now the game is what they really wanted all along. Heck, I imagine there are people who wanted the MMO but are happy with the non-MMO version if the other option is “nothing at all.” So what are your feelings, friends? How do you feel about Torchlight Frontiers becoming Torchlight III? Happy, sad, vindicated, nervous, hungry? Why do you feel hungry? That’s kind of random. Have a sandwich.

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

I was only looking for an MMO. I’ve already left the Discord channel after the changes.


I’m not a fan of Diablo (too grimdark), so I was a fan of Torchlight as a way to get a decent ARPG without playing Diablo. Same goes for Tl2. I always enjoyed the solo adventuring.

I WAS NOT looking forward to a Torchlight MMO. I only like ARPGs when I can play them all by myself.

So, Frontiers would’ve been the first game in the Tl franchise I skipped.

But, now that it’s Tl3, I’ll probably get it, depending on how good it is when it comes out.

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Jack Kerras

I’m good with it.

These folks had absolutely no idea how to put together a monetization system which actually felt good to interact with, rewarded play, encouraged conversion, and provided anything from value to engagement to actual enjoyment instead of mere relief.

They decided to do away with their thus-far catastrophically poor attempts at monetizing a F2P MMO, and they will be playing to their strengths in so doing. Good for them.


Elf Butts, wasn’t going to play it any way.


I’m in the same boat as you Eliot. I was never really a fan of the game series, but seeing the MMO direction they were trying out, i was curious and a bit excited too. And you’re right – the fans of the game are mostly happy that it will not be going the MMO route, but i’m personally disappointed. One less game on my radar means one less thing to look forward to. And that’s a bit sad.

Brennan Kuhrt

/sigh I remember when Torchlight 1 was pitched with the promise of a future Torchlight MMO. I bought the game and loved it – and recall discussing with friends how great it would be as an MMO. Then Torchlight 2 came out and it felt really ‘meh.’ Not because it wasn’t a solid game but because it didn’t feel like it was any closer to an MMO.

Well, the rug got pulled out and dreams of an MMO version died only to be reignited with Torchlight Frontiers – huzzah! “This is actually happening!” I’ve been in the alpha for months, not really enjoying the base game but sticking with it because it’ll be an MMO, right? Nah, not so much. Once again the rug is pulled out and dreams of a Torchlight MMO are officially dead (again).

Let me be clear, too, because people keep saying “the MMO elements were making Frontiers bad, so its good that they are going back to their roots!” I can’t disagree more. The MMO elements were hardly even there. The combat, animations and level design were not good. That has nothing to do with an MMO. That’s the game that’s still there as this Torchlight 3 re-brand. It is disappointing, but at least those of us who wanted a shared world will have Diablo IV to look forward to.

Malcolm Swoboda

I’m okay with it, but I won’t be invested until I at least clear my Torchlight 1 in Steam Library :)

Oleg Chebeneev

I didnt expect MMO from Torchlight anyway. Id be happy if it will be a fun game with improvements over 1&2 and good combat.

In MMO area Torchlight couldnt compete to Lost Ark anyways.


*shrug* Meh.