The Daily Grind: So how do you feel about Torchlight Frontiers becoming Torchlight III?

I'll never get over you getting over me.

I have to be honest: The change in Torchlight Frontiers has me pretty disappointed. It’s not like I’m a huge fan of the prior games anyhow, but there was a genuine joyful verve to the series that made for an interesting potential adaptation to the MMO space in ways that raised the question of how it could be handled. The answer, apparently, is that it couldn’t be, or at least that it won’t be; now Torchlight III has taken over everything, and the potential for a full MMO has vanished once again down the rabbit hole.

However… well, did I mention that I wasn’t exactly a fan of the series prior? There are people who are fans of the series who may very well be happier about this change because now the game is what they really wanted all along. Heck, I imagine there are people who wanted the MMO but are happy with the non-MMO version if the other option is “nothing at all.” So what are your feelings, friends? How do you feel about Torchlight Frontiers becoming Torchlight III? Happy, sad, vindicated, nervous, hungry? Why do you feel hungry? That’s kind of random. Have a sandwich.

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