Path of Exile takes a look at seven years of moments and Metamorph League stats

But I'm not done, and I won't be 'till my head falls off.

Last week marked seven years since Path of Exile went in to open beta, and there have been plenty of moments and milestones along the way, especially among the game’s community. Grinding Gear Games has compiled a rather fun look back at some of their favorites.

While the retrospective is by no means the most comprehensive, it also marks several awesome points in Path of Exile’s progression, from the first level 100 player in Hardcore Mode to amazing cosplay to amazing and meme-loaded character class builds.

As for what’s happening in the present, there’s yet another stats-loaded breakdown of how players have been moving through the challenges and Ascendancy classes of the Metamorph League. In short, the Necromancer appears to be clearing through things at a pretty good pace, and more players are completing challenges across the board. If you’re one of those Path of Exiles players that loves all these data, then you’ve got lots to digest here.

source: official forums (1, 2)

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