Atlas’ next patch will reduce the maximum player level

Ain't no one sailing now.

Have you been grinding away in Atlas? All the way past level 120, perhaps? If you have, then you’ll definitely be affected by the game’s next update, which is going to be resetting the level cap.

The new max level will be 120 instead of 150. An explanation for this shift wasn’t elaborated upon, but the announcement post did confirm that those who have managed to level their characters past 120 will have their skill points reset for free. Naturally, this means that those players will need to reassign their points once they log in.

The next patch is promising a number of other updates such as bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and balance tweaks. This patch should arrive at some point this week for both PC and Xbox One players, at which point there will be patch notes to peruse. In the meantime, the devs have enabled double XP and harvesting gain while they consider changes to gaining experience, harvesting resources, and leveling up in general, so it sounds like updates are coming on that front soon.

It would appear that Atlas is slowly righting its ship. The sandbox has managed to rake in over 6,000 players in its last 24-hour peak and has nearly 4,000 players online as of this writing according to Steamcharts. Of course, these numbers are a fraction of the all-time peak of 58,788, but it’s still good to see things are improving for fans.

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