Legends of Aria showcases Point Release 9’s ranked arena matches and militia keeps

Dig dig dig dig dig.

Sure, you can head to the wilds of Legends of Aria and find plenty of PvP there (as well as maybe lose your mind in the process), but maybe you like your PvP a bit more ordered and structured. That’s where ranked arena matches will come in, which are due to arrive with Point Release 9.

The arena grounds are located in Pyro’s Landing and come in 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 varieties. The arena map itself is pretty compact, but does have some obstacles in order to utilize line-of-sight tactics. Each match lasts 10 minutes, players can only bring a total of five potions of various types with them, and players cannot be resurrected by their teammates. Otherwise, it’s pretty standard stuff: Talk to the NPC, ready up for the match (if one person doesn’t ready up, then the match will be cancelled, which will certainly not be used to troll people), and fight for ranking. Speaking of ranking, everyone starts at 1,000 rank in each of the match type brackets and gains or loses points based on the rank of their opponents and the outcome of each match.

It’s perhaps not the most original of arena PvP modes out there, but it is Legends of Aria’s and it’s all coming soon, along with the Scroll of the Artificer and militia keeps, which have gotten their own video:

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