Vindictus explains its Fatigue Point system and promises to fix character voices


It’s been about a hot minute or three since we had a proper peek into Vindictus, so let’s see what’s going on with this game, shall we? As far as current events go, there’s been a surprise Fatigue Points system as well as confirmation that character voices are getting revamped.

An update made on Tuesday, January 28th, introduced Fatigue Points that are consumed whenever characters depart for a battle and are recovered by resting in a Guild House bed. According to a dev post, this system is necessary for future content updates as well as to limit macro accounts. The post does assure players that this system has been tuned based on the play habits of NA/EU players to not impede on regular activity, and that Fatigue Recovery Potions will be offered during in-game events just in case things get inconvenient.

On the quality-of-life side of things, another dev post confirmed that more character voice options are coming soon, including selectable shout voices and emote voices in either Korean or English, which also adjusts the voices in the Friendship System. These features are due in an update on February 25th.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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Jeremy Barnes

I really liked Vindictus…except for the client. If they ever managed to get the client to be half decent, I’d likely invest a lot of time into it.

Vitor Braz

They should be praised for their long-time devotion to Vindictus, but I hope that they are secretly working on a sequel. Take some cues from Black Desert (mostly the open world aspect, as Vindictus’ combat has always been great) and go for it. With Dragon Hound and Ascendant One canceled, DevCat needs to keep busy.


Lol, Nexon really wants to make Vindictus as unfriendly as possible to the Western market I guess. Not that I imagine many are still playing it at this point in its lifespan. Which sucks because it was a pretty gorgeous game for its time and the combat feels really really good.


I’d rather have all the games I like turn p2w than my favorite game implement an energy system.


Agreed, at least a p2w game will offer you at least some fun before you hit the paywall.


Pretty sure Vindictus already is at that state. I.e. endgame has the whole Korean progression system that they love where you have to keep doing RNG rolls on gear upgrades to get that sweet +15 sword of the everdark or whatever.


If you have to offer items to fix an in-game mechanic so it doesn’t impact things in-game…?

Maybe… Possibly… I don’t know, don’t do it in the first place…? There is literally no benefit or use such a system has that would ever make it necessary, aside from the ridiculousness that is wanting to revisit the early days of Nexon’s cash shop with the game where it was all a bloody scam of a mess.

That they hadn’t even thought to announce what is essentially a Globally-induced nerf to ones ability to play the game and benefit meaningfully from it in advance?

Like… could we maybe see Nexon just lose the license to this game too? Or to the ‘Mabinogi’ franchise as a whole, and let it go the independent route like Dungeon Fighters did?

The only ‘noteworthy’ thing to all of this is essentially allowing people to choose subbed or dubbed… which… hey… good on them, I guess…?