Vindictus explains its Fatigue Point system and promises to fix character voices


It’s been about a hot minute or three since we had a proper peek into Vindictus, so let’s see what’s going on with this game, shall we? As far as current events go, there’s been a surprise Fatigue Points system as well as confirmation that character voices are getting revamped.

An update made on Tuesday, January 28th, introduced Fatigue Points that are consumed whenever characters depart for a battle and are recovered by resting in a Guild House bed. According to a dev post, this system is necessary for future content updates as well as to limit macro accounts. The post does assure players that this system has been tuned based on the play habits of NA/EU players to not impede on regular activity, and that Fatigue Recovery Potions will be offered during in-game events just in case things get inconvenient.

On the quality-of-life side of things, another dev post confirmed that more character voice options are coming soon, including selectable shout voices and emote voices in either Korean or English, which also adjusts the voices in the Friendship System. These features are due in an update on February 25th.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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