Mad World’s dev team discusses adapting the game’s grimdark world


Creating the grim world of Mad World isn’t just about using browns for a color palette and making sure there’s mindless gore. There’s also some more narrative and world-building that’s required in making such a gritty reality seem… well… real. That’s the job of the adaptation team, which took a moment to discuss their job on the game’s subreddit.

Just what does the adaptation team do? They put it thusly:

“Our job is to enrich what we get from the scenario team who basically builds the settings of the game, ultimately to make the story more entertaining and engaging while helping the story make a smooth transition to the game. Simply put, if scenario builds the bones, adaptation adds skins on those.”

An example of building the skin around a scenario’s bones is a location where strange-looking crops that almost look like humans are grown by demons on a plantation. With that setting in mind, the adaptation team creates a quest about mysterious talking scarecrows in the fields, and even offers an example of some associated quest text.

While this peek might not be as in-depth as some others, it at least gives a sense that the team at Jandisoft are trying to keep discussion for Mad World going after its multiple delays and publishing switchover.

source: Reddit

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