Sea of Thieves’ Crews of Rage update brings new voyages, cursed chests, and enemies


The month of February has brought another bundle of new content for Sea of Thieves players in the form of the Crews of Rage update, which brings on the new Chest of Rage cursed chest, some new voyages, and a bunch of new foes to face off against.

Duke has some new Raging Bounty voyages for players to take up, which involve the finding of the perilous Chest of Rage cursed chest. These voyages will send players to the Devil’s Roar to acquire these chests, use them on some skeletons, and turn them in to either the Gold Hoarders for a payday or the Reaper’s Hideout for double the gold. The Devil’s Roar is also the hotspot for skeleton fort activity, as all other skeleton forts have gone quiet save for the Molten Sands Fortress. This fortress will feature new heat-resistant Ashen Skeletons as well as offer rewards like more Chests of Rage.

The final set of Ashen Tomes are also brought on with this update, which can unlock some stunning new Ashen ship cosmetics to dress up your boat in lava dragon finery. There’s also some new cosmetics in the Black Market and the Pirate Emporium for those who are looking to spend their coin or real-world cash.

You can get a rundown of the Crews of Rage update either on the Sea of Thieves website or with the summary video embedded below.


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