PSA: Get your free Sentient Jewel to celebrate Dungeons and Dragons Online’s 14th anniversary


Are you interested in making a Sentient Weapon with a bit of a draconic edge to it? Then you’ll want this item code for Dungeons and Dragons Online to claim your free Sentient Jewel. The devs are celebrating the MMORPG’s 14th anniversary by handing out a free Sentient Jewel of the Dragon, which can be obtained by redeeming a coupon code to your account.

There are a couple of important things to note regarding this particular item. This item can only be redeemed once per account, so players will have to make sure they redeem the item on the right server. The item will also not be replaced by customer service if it’s accidentally deleted or sold, so make sure you lock the item in your inventory. And, yes, this item does have a temporary bug where it can be sold at a vendor; that bug will be fixed in the next game update.

Otherwise, that’s the important stuff you should note. Now get out there and claim your free shiny; you can redeem this item between now and December 31st.

source: official forums, thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!

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The other important thing to note is that sadly Sentient Jewels are only of use to characters of at least 20th level:

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Gift horse, mouth, etc. Just grab it and use it when you hit level 20.


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