Gloria Victis introduces horses and mounted combat in its latest patch


Horsies! Pretty horsies that you can ride into battle! Your little pony fantasies can now come true in Gloria Victis as the latest update now allows for horse riding and mounted combat as well as a new season of faction vs. faction PvP.

The mount system adds a new passive tree with 16 passives related to horse riding and mounted combat. This includes a couple of specific updates such as a reduction in horse speed when shooting a bow on horseback in the interest of balance and some optimization to allow horses to be seen from a greater distance. Additionally, due to the new horse-related passives, every character is getting a free abilities and attribute reset that can be claimed between now and Friday, March 27th.

As a result of the addition of horses and in the interest of promoting more open world PvP, players will now see fast travel limitations that only allow them to fast travel to the five closest Guild Castles linked to their nation’s capital city. Due to the fast travel limitations, capturing a guild province will require a bit more logistical planning to move forces near a province. It also will make holding five guild provinces more difficult, but those guilds who try will see new multipliers to Guild Points for every province held.

Speaking of fast travel, every guild province can build a new Transportation Spot upgradeable building that lets every player in a nation fast travel to that province. Moreover, 27% of the fast travel fee is collected in the guild bank in order to facilitate cooperation with other players.

Finally, this new update has brought on a second season of Glory factional PvP, several balance changes, a couple of quality-of-life improvements, and some bug fixes as well. All of the specifics can be read in the changelog.

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