Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online just made most content free for the next few weeks

We are running out of roads.

Just in this morning’s roundup, the MOP commenters were debating whether and how to play Lord of the Rings Online during the virus-induced downtime some gamers are having right now. Welp, Standing Stone Games just settled that debate, making the choice much easier for you.

“Here at Standing Stone Games our goal is to bring joy to everyone through our games and we feel that is more important than ever,” the studio wrote this morning. “We are making all our adventures and stories open to everyone through April 30. In addition we will be running extra events for the games.” Here’s everything going on for both LOTRO and Dungeons and Dragons Online right now.

Source: Official site. Thanks to everyone who tipped this!

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I always wanted to experience more of the game, but I always felt like it’s too expensive and outdated to be worth the asking price. And now that I’m stuck at home 24/7 with nothing better to do, I can give SWG: Legends a rest and dedicate my full waking time to LOTRO and see how far can I reach from level 1 until April 30th. xD

EDIT: 1st day was 15 hours, maybe I might be able to make it, haha…


This is awesome. For the past two years I’ve been missing their sales on quest packs / expansions for LotRO – I believe there was always some mega sale on everything at once, which is what I’ve wanted. I’ve missed it either out of forgetfulness or being caught up in some other game. Now I can finally go level my mid-level alts. Be nice to make it toward end-game after all these years. :)

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George Wilson III

I like it. I’m already a VIP in both games but I really like the gesture.


Yay! Reckon I’ll be playing a lot of DDO over the next month and a half. Hope this’ll allow me to get a horse from the new expansion, then I’ll see how many Favour milestones I can reach without burning myself out on the game.


That is very interesting news


Only reason I don’t play this, is the price point for a new player seems so daunting. Going to try this out while it’s free to see if it’s something I enjoy. I love MMO’s and I love Tolkien’s books so I should love this.

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Nice! Time to throw a little cash at SSG (especially since they’re a local business for me).


Thanks for sharing this Bree <3

Dug From The Earth

imagine if this was permanent

I might actually play LoTRO.

Well, maybe if they fixed square dwarf beards too


Oh nice one devs! The worlds will be hopping.