Legends of Runeterra removes limitations on Vault rewards, XP, and wildcard purchases


You know that scene in certain action anime shows where a character takes off some weighted equipment in order to unleash their full speed? That’s sort of what Riot’s Legends of Runeterra is doing on March 31st once it releases a number of progression adjustments to the CCG’s open beta.

These changes are all looking to make things feel less limited and speed up the overall meta. Players will soon be able to enjoy unlimited and improved Vault rewards like an Expedition Token at level two and a Champion wildcard at level 10, earn unlimited XP, and purchase wildcards as often as they want with no weekly limit. Expeditions are also opening up a bit with reduced costs to play the mode, though rewards are going to be adjusted downwards as a result.

The announcement post then goes into a lengthy explanation for these adjustments and what Riot Games hopes to achieve. In summary, the devs want Runeterra to be easy to return to for players who take a break, allow those who want to build a certain deck or experiment with a full collection to do so, and ultimately remove the idea of maintaining a slowly developing meta. “Whatever struggle you were having with your progression, this update aims to fix it. The meta may evolve more quickly now, but your progression will keep up, and you’ll have more agency than ever before,” promises the post.


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