Dungeons and Dragons Online brings back its anniversary event and starts the Mimic Hunt

Dungeons and Dragons Online brings back its anniversary event and starts the Mimic Hunt

If all the free content on offer in Dungeons and Dragons Online isn’t enough for you, then maybe a couple of events will be more your style. In order to keep players busy, Standing Stone Games is bringing its recent 14th anniversary event back and is starting the Mimic Hunt.

For anyone who missed out on the last time this event went live, the devs have announced its return between now and April 30th. As before, players will have to stop a group of Kobolds from interfering with the festivities and get some rewards in the process; the game’s official wiki has all of the specifics and some tips for those looking to take part.

In addition, the Mimic Hunt event is also live (except for the Hardcore server) between now and April 6th, effectively making every treasure chest in the game possibly a Mimic. Defeating this Mimic will reward players with Mimic Tokens that can be turned in for rewards, and if you happen to hate the idea of a treasure chest attacking you, you can also have a Mimic Repellant applied to your character. Be advised, though: Party members who aren’t wearing the Repellant can still have a chest turn into a Mimic. There’s an event guide for those who want more details.

Incidentally, our own MJ joined in on this past 14th anniversary event, so you can take a look at what to expect in the video below.

sources: official forums (1, 2), DDOWiki, official site

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Might be a good time to switch to a low level alt, I’m 11 now and the dungeons seem to be longer and longer. Lots of short dungeons with multiple chests at lower levels, or at least it seems that way.


I still haven’t gotten one of the coin Creature Companions from the Mimic Hunt. Maybe I finally will this year. https://ddowiki.com/page/Mimic_Hunt