Old School RuneScape plots the return of the Bounty Hunter minigame


Let’s provide a little bit of background: Earlier this year, Old School RuneScape had to remove the Bounty Hunter minigame as a result of exploiting — specifically, players collaborating with one another for quick kills and farmed rewards. The hope, however, was to make this removal temporary while Jagex took a moment to consider how to bring the mode back, and now those plans appear to be in motion.

The plan is for Bounty Hunting to be restricted to the Wilderness and for the minigame to be an insignificant source for wealth, with rewards focused instead on a limited array of consumables that can only be used in the Wilderness and the return of Emblem drops that can be traded in for rewards. On the subject of Emblems, the chance for an Emblem to drop will be adjusted based on a variety of factors like the combat level of the defeated target, the level of Emblem a player brings with them to the Wilderness, if the kill completes a task (which is assigned every 20 minutes), and whether the kill was performed in a hotspot, though this bonus only applies once until the hotspot changes.

The devs are eyeing Bounty Hunter’s return for sometime in April but are keen to get player feedback, so OSRS fans are encouraged to read up on these changes and submit their thoughts via the various channels linked at the bottom of the post.


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