Skyforge outlines the new Invasion Atlas and updates to nightmare difficulty

Skyforge outlines the new Invasion Atlas and updates to nightmare difficulty

You’d be forgiven for thinking the upcoming fifth anniversary update of Skyforge would be fixated on celebration, but there’s also some adjustments to the way adventures are completed on the way in the form of the Invasion Atlas and changes to nightmare difficulty.

The Invasion Atlas is a new form of progression that will replace Flavius’s Laboratory when the Phynotide invasion begins. The Atlas is unique to each type of invasion or season, with over 100 nodes to unlock that provide benefits like class-specific buffs or bonuses that were previously part of Flavius’s Laboratory. Unlocking these nodes is a matter getting a special currency from fulfilling directives and completing operations.

Incidentally, completing adventures on nightmare difficulty will net players more of this currency, but getting to nightmare mode will work a bit differently. When selecting group adventures, players will first have to complete a trial to get a special key, which unlocks the first level of nightmare difficulty for that encounter. Up to two keys – one for a Squad adventure, the other for a Group adventure — can be held, and the adventures that get nightmare difficulty will change daily as well as introduce different daily modifiers. Once the first level of nightmare difficulty is successfully cleared, a key is granted to all players to unlock the next challenge level, with higher difficulty levels offering better rewards.

There are some other details Skyforge players will want to take note of, so make sure to read the full announcement. As for the fifth anniversary update, that has been postponed until early April.

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James Crow

the real problem about this game is the way the changing difficulty.

every new inversion they change all the game to higher difficulty and make everyone weak even for the adventure mode.

i did all the invasions and left after the ruin the direct system…now there is no point for me to comeback if i need carry for everything, even in god form.

if they keep the old gens and just add new one it would be ok, but replacing everything? nop no thanks

Grave Knight

Sounds like the old Ascension Atlas but worse. Like if they combined the Ascension Atlas with Fortnite’s battlepass.


They keep switching progression and difficulty every ~15 months and it’s completely screwed up. Like it’s a tech demo version, after 5 years.