Skyforge announces fifth anniversary update for PC, with a new invasion on March 25

Skyforge announces fifth anniversary update for PC, with a new invasion on March 25
Can you believe that Skyforge is coming up on its fifth birthday? And My.Games is not letting the anniversary go to waste: It’s plotting an expansion on PC for March 25th, with console versions to follow. It’s called…. Fifth Anniversary expansion. OK, maybe the marketing needed a little more massaging. Players can expect a new invasion, new divine form cosmetic, tweaks to the Invasion Atlas, new nightmare challenges, and the Aelion Day celebration.

“Spring is in bloom, and so are the Phytonides! These green-fingered goons are readying a new invasion of Aelion. Cut down the Phytonides and the Avatar Machavann to earn great rewards from a new Invasion Pass, including the Divine Form Wakan. […] Every year, we commemorate the bonds that unite Aelion and protect this world from the threat of invasion. Aelion gives thanks to its divine guardians with new missions across three weeks, and five exclusive Anniversary costumes to earn!”

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This is why most mmorpg’s fail, they become popular then stagnant. Instead of adding in the same content in a different way MMORPG developers need to keep adding new gameplay mechanics/features to there games over the years rather then repeteing content that already exists but on a new instance or zone. Expand upon the games original vision add in new mechanics this will retain your playerbase more then adding in a. New 15 man raid when you already have one . I don’t want to go into examples because every MMORPG is different and could benefit from a number of different gameplay mechanics or features, alwaly innovate never repeat unless awalys evolving and never be boring or stagnant . This will make you successful. And last but most definitely not least read your forums play your game and listen to your playerbase.

James Crow

i played alot in skyforge sadly they just ruin the game from update to update.

at first i like the generation thing but in the end you realize they made your character weak so much that you cant do any content solo if you want.

it would be better if they just added difficulty levels for each zone but they dont – and i reached the end content of most of the things.