Black Desert issues a juice challenge, Black Desert Mobile adds tier 5 pets and celebrates strawberries


There are some fresh updates to Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile, and once again they’re full of events for players to enjoy. This time around, they’re focused on juice, fish, or strawberries. Which leads me to worry that the devs at Pearl Abyss are very hungry.

For Black Desert players there’s Finto’s Juice Challenge, which asks players to take on certain challenges to collect ingredients for a new Finto’s Healthy Juice consumable that grants +2000 to Health EXP — five times that of Finto’s Filling Juice. Yum.

In addition to this event, the latest patch notes outline a week-long extension for Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival, the addition of special fish that can earn players lots of silver, and a new adventure log that lets level 60 players increase the amount of junk item drops. The notes have other adjustments to read through as well, including some tweaks for the Kunoichi, Mystic, Guardian, and Lahn.

Over to Black Desert Mobile updates now: The newest update has introduced tier 5 pets for players to collect, new three-slot mystical gear, a second season for the Ancient Ruins, and a bounty mission board where players can get up to two missions at a time for rewards. The mobile title is also having events as well, with a strawberry festival that tasks players with turning in strawberries found during gathering for goodies and a login event that can grant players a whopping 70,000 Ancient Gold Coins if they log in for 14 days straight.

sources: black desert site (1, 2), black desert mobile site (1, 2, 3)

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