World of Warcraft has controller support under active development

Xbox Adaptive Controller is cited specifically

Not riding a dinosaur.

Accessibility is a big deal when it comes to games, and MMOs have traditionally worked to ensure that people with disabilities still have full access to the gameplay of their titles. That’s the reason behind one of the most surprising discoveries in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands datamining, which uncovered signs of rolling out controller support. Community manager Kaivax explained on the official forums that the studio is working on improved support for controllers such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller so that a wider range of people can enjoy the game.

It’s worth noting that there’s no stated timeframe on controller support, nor does it necessarily mean that you can just hook up a gamepad and go (the aforementioned Xbox Adaptive Controller has a wide variety of pads and functions for people to adjust for specific gameplay needs). Still, it means that the game is paying attention to the needs of those with disabilities, and if that also gets you excited about the possibility of just playing the game with a regular controller, who are we to judge?

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