Elite: Dangerous’ next round of fleet carrier beta testing will carry over data from current player accounts


It’s time to start saving those credits, Commanders. The next round of beta testing for Elite: Dangerous fleet carriers is coming soon, and on Thursday, April 30th, players’ account data from the live game will be drawn in to the second beta build.

Basically, this will create a duplicate save state of player accounts for beta testing purposes — progress made in the first fleet carriers beta will not carry over, and progress made in this second beta test will not carry over to the live game. Additional details for this next beta round will be announced later.

As readers will recall, player feedback during the first fleet carrier test confirmed that the rent was too damn high and adjusted costs downward in response, with upfront costs reduced by 35 to 45% and overall running costs reduced by half. Still, pricess are on the higher end, so players will only have a week before this next round kicks off to rake in that money.

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