Jonathan Frakes narrates a trailer full of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds lore for Dinoland

No, really, that's a thing that exists now

Planet of hates.

We apparently all need to give far more credit to Jonathan Frakes more credit as a narrator because he manages to make watching a four-minute lore trailer for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds actually engaging. Yes, you read that right, lore. For a battle royale game which has generally had about as much interest in lore as your cat has in remaining silent during dinnertime. There’s a whole trailer full of lore about the shuttered theme park Dinoland and the seemingly psychotic inheritor of the park itself, Alex Lind.

If you’re not familiar with Jonathan Frakes from his role as Commander William Riker on multiple Star Trek series, you probably are familiar with his job as host of the show Beyond Belief. Or some of the best videos on the internet.

Frakes narrates the trailer in the style of his hosting gig for the show Beyond Belief, presenting a whole mess of “mysterious” deaths around the park and within the Lind family while hinting that something more sinister is afoot. Whether this all links up with some larger lore is difficult to tell, since as mentioned “lore” is not really the usual PUBG wheelhouse, but… again, Jonathan Frakes makes this stuff at least interesting enough to watch for four minutes.

Source: YouTube via Polygon

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Love Jonathan Frakes! But, do you guys even read what you’ve written before you post it? “We apparently all need to give far more credit to Jonathan Frakes more credit as a narrator…”