Legends of Runeterra squashes bugs in patch 1.1, promises balance changes in patch 1.2


With Riot’s CCG Legends of Runeterra now an officially launched game, the endless dragon’s tail chase begins of attacking bugs and balancing cards. The former of these tasks is being addressed in patch 1.1, while the latter is said to be the focus of patch 1.2.

In terms of fixes in the recent patch, players can expect some adjustments to Expedition Archetypes. The post also touches on some perceived overpowering strategies in this game mode, saying that the devs don’t have the data to support the assumption but will be making adjustments as necessary. The remainder of the patch notes are mostly bug fix-related.

Come patch 1.2, players should look forward to more balance-minded changes such as the removal of the Rising Tides offering bonus among other adjustments. Specifics weren’t fully outlined (these are patch 1.1 notes, after all), but the devs do want some time to see how the meta shakes down and gather more live game data. To that point, patch 1.2 should be arriving two weeks after today’s update, with the CCG picking up on its monthly update cadence after that.


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