Star Citizen Live highlights the creation of the music of New Babbage


If you’re among the Star Citizen players who appreciate some of the ambient music made for the game, then you’ll likely enjoy the latest edition of Star Citizen Live, which featured composer Pedro Camacho and focused on the music created for the New Babbage landing zone.

The stream reintroduces players to Camacho, who talks about his fandom for the Wing Commander series and how he came to join with the Star Citizen team through a meeting with Chris Roberts. One of Camacho’s first pieces of work for the game, by the way, was the original 300 series advertisement.

The stream talked mostly about Camacho’s thought process in creating unique soundtracks for each planet, which involves using concept art to get a feel for what tone the music should have as well as considering traffic, weather, the location’s overall feel, and real-world locations as sources of inspiration. In the case of New Babbage, Camacho had to come up with some unique work due to the high tech look of New Babbage, breaking down each layer of the song and explaining his thought processes with every added part of the music, as well as taking viewer questions. It’s a pretty insightful watch, especially among those of us here who appreciate MMO music.

source: YouTube. Cheers, Fastcart!

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Jon Wax

Sounds like a fun gig. Nobody blames music person for production pace. Pedro Comacho is the coolest name of the day


Yeah the music in New Babbage is cool in that its there, but it’s not really my style. Granted I’m not a single 20-something that likes to spend my time in dance clubs. For those that are I’m sure it’s wonderful. New Babbage itself needs a lot of work. There’s a lot of NPCs standing on chairs and benches. The only ones I saw that were animated beyond the occasional blink were the people in the yoga class. Everyone else just stares lifeless out into space. It’s rather weird currently. Lots of potential but definitely alpha quality at the moment.


“The only ones I saw that were animated beyond the occasional blink were the people in the yoga class.”

You have to wonder if this was in response to a mad rant by Roberts. “I want it to look alive! I want people doing ******* yoga!”

Maybe the reason all the other NPCs are standing around like mannequins is because the yoga class is animated :)

Tee Parsley

Sounds like class Roberts: I want that pixel to be green!

Even if he didn’t demand everyone drop everything and animate a yoga class (though that’s possible, ala Sandworms and Sandpeople), someone in minor authority probably took it literally.

If you’re thinking kindly, maybe the yoga class was good, easy practice…..

Tee Parsley

Well, I’d probably rather have that than the umpteenth tertiary John Williams/Holst clones.