Gamigo is sunsetting more MMOs, this time Dragon’s Prophet EU and its sequel, Savage Hunt


Dragon’s Prophet has not had the best run the last few years. In 2015, Daybreak sunsetted the US version of the game, though the Runewaker MMO survived under Gamigo’s banners in the EU. Then Runewaker and Gamigo stealth-launched a sequel to the game called Savage Hunt in 2017, and we pretty much forgot about the duo again.

Alas, Gamigo didn’t forget, and the company that has been on a tear sunsetting Trion Worlds’ MMOs (Atlas Reactor, classic Defiance on the Xbox 360, and RIFT Prime) is now sunsetting a pair of Runewaker’s.

“On May 29, 2020, the servers of Dragon’s Prophet and Savage Hunt will shut down, forever. Be assured this was not an easy decision for us, but the game can no longer sustain. We’ve shared your passion and dedication to Dragon’s Prophet and Savage Hunt over the years and you’ve been an amazing community. Thank you for this and the fond memories of hours of exciting gameplay. To help you relive some of those fun times, we’ve prepared an event and server boost just for you.”

Gamigo says it’s blocking purchases as of today, reducing in-game prices, and running a double drop event until the end. It’s also offering boosters in its other games to convince players to switch, though at this point, it’d be hard to blame players for losing faith that a fresh pick won’t be the next game to get the axe. RIP.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Panagiotis!

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I used to play this game all of the time to cope with the struggles of being in the Marines in 2016. I played NA from its launch in 2013 to its end in 2015 then migrated to EU until Black Desert released and that’s been my game since. I’ll have to log in to EU one last time for old time’s sake. But if anyone’s interested in continuing playing this game, there is an excellent small community who has their own free server at AdeptGamer. They’ve been going strong since I joined them in 2017.


Gamigos strongest point is they kept and supported their mmos to a fault, so people who spent on them knew they wont be losing their game soon. Obviously this has changed and starts to remind good old Aeria Games(which they own too)

Chosenxeno .

I don’t get re=releasing MMORPGs where monetization is a major issue without any improvements to said issue. It’s just going to die again.

Danny Smith


drew who

Weirdly it seems to be getting a bit of a resurgence at the moment because of what is going on in the world . I recently returned and was surprised to see many others had done the same . Its not busy in the EU but its far from dead . I guess this can only last so long without any new content but it might have removed its head off the chopping block for a few more years .


I really want to see a Vanilla/pre-Storm Legion emulator rise up for it. If any MMO needs to be preserved with an emulator, RIFT before its F2P days definitely does.

Still disappointed no one’s bothered copying their zone events/invasions systems.

Malcolm Swoboda

Same but I want Storm Legion servers too.

Only Nightmare Tide if it can have a polish pass by smart fans.


I don’t think Savage Hunt was exactly a “sequel”, it was pretty much the exact same dungeons, maps, dragons, classes, etc, etc, with just a different business model (more free dragons, but higher prices for the in-game purchases). The big attraction, and the marketing (in my recollection) was that Savage Hunt would receive new content and updates while the original Dragons Prophet would remain static other than bugfixes.
In reality Savage Hunt’s content never caught up with that of the original game. Many players switched from DP to SH, it split the player base, and they even offered a station cash incentive to switch at one point – but those players essentially were sold (part of) the same game all over again. It would be very interesting, now that this has transpired, to know if Gamigo’s relaunch of (part of) Dragon’s Prophet as Savage Hunt was in good faith. Someone has the paper trail for all this: such as a roadmap for the new zone and new level cap, and how it all had to be shelved due to unforeseen circumstances… or is there a “smoking gun” email about how they were going to sell a 2012 game all over again in 2017 to the exact same players? Personally I won’t be availing myself of the voucher offer, or anything else Gamigo ever do, until I see some evidence of the former.


“it was pretty much the exact same dungeons, maps”

Sounds very similar to The Secret World -> SW: Legends transition.

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Jack Pipsam

That’s a shame. I was glad that after the NA version went at least those players could go to the EU version, that it lived somewhere.
I wonder if the licencing deal with Runewalker was up. Their other title Runes of Magic lives over at GameForge, it would be curious if it ended up going there but I somewhat doubt it sadly.