Dragon’s Prophet EU squashes dungeon bugs


Although Dragon’s Prophet was shuttered in North America last year, the game is still flapping its wings in Europe. The Spring Awakening patch 3.0.1592 eradicated bugs that were infesting a score of dungeons. Now when you kill mobs in Deyarka Bastille, it really counts (for the Bio Hazard quest, that is)! On the other hand, players will no longer get credit for the deaths of suicide beetles in Asuma‘s Mirage. Other dungeons to get the exterminator treatment include Corzinem Nukleus of Time, Mitctlan’s Corridor, and Column of the Prophet.

In addition to these fixes, the Guardian, Ranger, and Oracle classes all received a few adjustments, as did the dragons themselves (random attributes can no longer be lower than 3). Check out all the details for the various changes in the official patch notes.

Source: Patch notes

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I know it sounds craxy but I really liked this game, I had a ton of fun playing the christmas event. I quit because I thought it might get cancelled due to such low number of players. Oh and I’m talkin about the european version not SOE.