Elder Scrolls Blades has just launched for the Nintendo Switch


Welp, I know where I’m probably spending some time this weekend: The Elder Scrolls Blades. MMO players will recall that the game initially launched into early access on mobile last year after delay, adding multiplayer in the interim and emerging from early access on mobile devices just this week. Now, it’s launching on the Nintendo Switch as of today, and better yet, it’s boasting crossplatforminess.

“Today, Bethesda Game Studios took The Elder Scrolls: Blades out of early access with Update 1.7 and released on the Nintendo Switch, downloadable now for free from the Nintendo eShop. Blades has grown with each update thanks to player feedback, delivering the PvP Arena, guilds, loadouts, new quests, the removal of chest timers, and much more. Thanks to cross-progression, players can pick up their adventures on Switch right where they left off on mobile by linking their Bethesda.net account. Cross-platform functionality also allows players to chat with their guild members and battle other players in the Arena, regardless of the platform. The Nintendo eShop also now offers a Quick Start Edition, a one-time $14.99 bundle that contains 30,000 Gold, 2,000 Gems, building materials, the exclusive Sylvan Fountain decoration, and rare gear once owned by the Bloodfall King.”

We’ve covered what’s in the 1.7 patch already, including the new quests and PvP leaderboard reset. Enjoy the launch trailer!

Source: Press release
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