Last Oasis will start setting fire to oases on May 20


Readers will recall that the original hook for the survival sandbox Last Oasis was that the sun keeps burning the heck out of the planet, meaning survivors had to keep moving within the habitable zone. Starting on May 20th, that game mechanic will finally arrive.

In game map terms, this means that oases on the westernmost side will begin to decay, while new oases will pop up on the easternmost side. Players that happen to be caught in a fully decayed oasis will be moved over to a nearby oasis, regardless of whether they’re online or not. Additionally, up to five Walkers that have been flagged as favorites will also be moved offmap to a nearby oasis just like players will, but that’s where the leniency ends; everything else, including non-favorite Walkers, unpacked bases, and deployed Proxy Walkers will be lost forever.

source: Steam

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Ian Wells

Wait, westernmost? But that… the sun… what? Shouldn’t it be the easternmost that gets burnt out, if its prolonged exposure to the sun causing things to waste away?


Since the Earth in this scenario is not rotating I think it might be correct that the sun rises from the west when the Earths orbit is counterclockwise.


Been enjoying the heck out of this game with a handful of friends I met in albion online. Got raided today for the first time and had a blast trying to repel them even though we lost.

Shadex De'Marr

Chris, 5 bucks you had to double check the plural form of oasis. I would have. :)