Champions Online is hosting a costume contest of opposites tonight

Break on through to the other side.

Inside of every superhero there are two wolves. (Aside from Wolfspout, the man who summons infinite wolves.) One of them has already won, as evidenced by the fact that your hero in Champions Online already has a gimmick. Maybe you have a pure, unsullied, sort of hero who walks around with a winning smile and an idealistic look at the world. Maybe you’ve gone for a more “dark avenger in the night” sort. But tonight (May 15th) at 7 p.m. EDT, the development team is hosting a costume contest in which you’re going to be dressing up as the alternate universe version of your hero.

The idea here isn’t that you’re dressing up as your nemesis or even your evil opposite so much as the alternate version of who your character already is. In another universe, Bright Crusader is instead the vengeful, shadow-shrouded Dark Avenger. Maybe your hero Knife Girl is instead branded as Lady Shiv. You’ll be responsible for figuring it out, and the winning entries get free costume vouchers and special tokens. So log in, workshop up your duplicate, and get ready to strut your alter-ego’s stuff tonight. (Except Wolfspout. He’s still just summoning infinite wolves. Wolfspout is weird.)

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