Fallout 76’s next update, which includes seasons, is over a month away

Fallout 76’s next update, which includes seasons, is over a month away

The next era of Fallout 76’s history is “still over a month away,” according to Bethesda. However, when Update 20 arrives, it’ll be a momentous event as it’ll start up seasonal progression, public teams, and legendary perks.

In this week’s Inside the Vault report, the studio said that Update 20 is on the test server, but a fix for the vending machine and display case issue should be coming much sooner than the bigger patch.

Bethesda announced that it’s extending the Fasnacht Parade through June 9th (including some additional free goodies in the cash shop) and has a double XP weekend planned for June 4th through June 8th.

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Dug From The Earth

I may think about purchasing the game when the patch hits that includes the recently talked about “One Wasteland” and the changes to eating and drinking. Both of those things really bugged me during the free weekend.

Need to find a group to play with too… I came up with a good analogy for this game…

Its like camping. Camping is fun with others, even if all you are doing is sitting around a campfire. But go camping alone, with no one else around, and its just kinda meh. Sure, it can be a chance for you to ground your thoughts and get away from the chaos of civilization.. but for many, its just not that entertaining. Therapeutic yes, fun, not so much.