Sea of Thieves is now live on Steam


Yarr, yo ho, walk the plank, feed Johnny Depp his lines through an earpiece, and other faintly nautical words are all appropriate today, as Sea of Thieves has arrived today on Steam. Now users of Valve’s omnipresent PC platform can also download and play the game on PC, saving you from less savory methods of getting the game installed and working on your desktop. You can get cats, even! They’re cute and you can dress them up, if you wish to.

Of course, it’s going to cost you $39.99 without any launch discount to dress up that cat, so it’s up to you if the prospect of a boat and a cat is worth the price.

The game has also kicked off some Twitch drops, offering some free gewgaws to players who watch partnered streamers over the next two weeks. So you can, theoretically, be sailing the high seas while watching someone else sail the high seas and earning new things for sailing the high seas in the process. Or you can just pick up your cat and cuddle a kitty in-game. Whatever floats your boat.

Source: Steam, Twitter

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I like pirates. I don’t like forced teaming. Saying that I dislike PVP is a little like saying that “great white sharks sometimes nibble on things.”

I hope they do well though, I’m glad the game is available outside the Windows Store for people who dislike some of the nonsense hoops that Microsoft built into it.

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Is it moddable …? Guess not…! *throwawaygesture* *shrugs*

Tried it in Beta. Been fun. Just not very deep…


Gave it a try on the Microsoft store trial, got maybe 20 hours out of it before the casual-driven content started to bore me. Might pick it up on sale, definitely not for $40.


Guess it’ll be interesting to see if Steam reviews think this game is worth the $40 or not. Personally I’d say it’s similar to Fallout 76 in that it’s really not worth that much of an entry fee but mileage will vary.

Looks like plenty of folks jumped on early to give it positive reviews right away. Claiming there’s plenty of content now though or that it’s a real sandbox (it’s a pseudo-sandbox at best) is a good laugh.