Dual Universe shows off ship-to-ship combat in a new trailer


As much as Dual Universe can be about building things and coming together for impressive construction projects, there are going to be times where players cannot get along and decide to fight it out in space battles. One such battle is demonstrated in the latest video, which touts a number of features that make its internet spaceship fights unique.

For one thing, as with everything in Dual Universe, the ships in combat can be built by players from the ground up, whether they’re individual dogfighters or multi-crew battleships. The game’s voxel engine also allows for real-time damage, while weapons fire hinges on a “lock-and-fire” mechanism where targets will need to be identified and locked on to before weapons can be brought to bear.

You can get a look at some of this space combat from an alpha build of the game in the trailer below.

source: YouTube
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