Atlas will launch its brand-new map for PC and Xbox on July 3


Grapeshot Games promised it and come this Friday, July 3rd, the studio will deliver its brand spanking new map for Atlas as part of the piratical sandbox’s fourth season.

The Maelstrom, as the map and season is called, promises streamlined progression for every player, making it easier for new players to focus on getting set up and offering more player encounters for those who have more experience. That said, this new map is replacing the old one and so will require full server wipes. Speaking of servers, there will be only one global PvE server for the time being, while PvP servers will be region specific.

The Atlas servers will go down at 11:00 p.m. EDT for about 45 minutes in order to apply the update, and patch notes are expected at that time.


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Ark’s pvp is severely broken in so many ways. What makes them think Atlas will be any different. Last I played the Pvp was Broke As F***. But they want to make a new map which is focuses on pvp. And they want us to spend a majority of our time at sea, which is the most boring part of the game is rather band my head on the keyboard then sail around to different island to find a different resource I need. That being said this new map which is designed to keep you at sea and pvping with broke ass mechanics is what everyone is getting. Most people who still play this game is for the Pve nature. I swear these Devs have there heads so far up each other’s asses all you can see is boot laces sticking out. They litterlly have no clue what the community wants or needs. Good luck with your trash map . And yes that’s how I really feel. This game should have been designed with an MMORPG in mind not a survival game.