Grapecard’s Atlas MMO promises new world map, system reset, and new devs

Caw! Polly is no longer the apex predator!

It’s been a rocky year and a half for Atlas, the follow-up MMO to Studio Wildcard’s ARK Survival Evolved. Just a few weeks ago, we recapped the early access title’s history: It was announced as a mega-MMO that would hold 40,000 people, but its excruciatingly slow progress since its 2018 reveal had ensured peaks of only 3000 across the entire game in recent months.

Hopefully, that’s about to change, as this week Wildcard’s Grapeshot Games subunit announced new content, a new map, and new dev team members.

“Our first major change to the ATLAS will be a whole new World Map which is designed to intensify the fun at higher levels and make it a bit safer for lower level players. This is just the first step in the greater plan to shift gameplay from the land out on to the open seas! This new World Map drops in the first half of July for both PC and Xbox. Another piece of ATLAS’ grander plan is to focus on PVP play with an eye towards breaking out PVE play into something else. As part of this plan, we’ll be taking NA PVE offline and leaving the EU PVE server as the official PVE world for the time being. Bringing a new World Map online will require a complete reset of the system, something we don’t take lightly. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t feel that it was vital to the new experience we want to create for you all.”

The studio says it now has “new goals for supporting the game and delivering regular (dare we say monthly!) content updates that will bring joy and piracy back to the open seas, with plans for Trade Winds, Farms, Warehouses, and more.” The game could certainly use it all, so we’ll be watching with anticipation. Worth noting here is that the game’s subreddit has dwindled significantly, but the folks still piping up have a small thread going speculating on how this new announcement fits into the old roadmap.


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Our weekly gaming group just bought Sea of Thieves, so I’ve played that a little this week. It’s fun so far, and the sailing mechanics are really good, but it did make me think I would love a really good PvE-focused multiplayer pirate ship game with strong sailing mechanics. I can’t tell if this will eventually be that sort of game or what, but I’m keeping it on my wishlist until it’s released. I wish them luck. It doesn’t seem as if the kind of game I want to play is out there right now, so this might be the closest I can ever get.

Frank Gonzalez

Actually a full game wipe is exactly what this needs for all servers to start over. I have a level 108 character on NA PVP and I’ve sunk plenty of boats on open sea and have have plenty of my own boats sunk. This game is a true jewel and anyone that says otherwise well that’s your opinion. Granted there should be a server for Xbox only or console only to play because the disadvantage we have versus PC is to much. I believe if there was a Console dedicated only server this game would thrive. Also PVE shouldn’t be just PVE I’ve heard to much non-essential bull crack that trolls do to other players on PVE that a monthly wipe like rust would be something more efficient or a voting system for servers by the deves. Anyways wipe all the grids and please improve this awesome game because I live the pvp land raiding and I definitely live for destroying someone’s boat at sea. So let’s speed up this wipe so I can get back to building because my guys are waiting.

John Mclain

So let me get this straight, they want to bring back players to their game that they originally alienated by having a giant directionless gankbox that lacked any good pve elements by… focusing on the gankbox elements of the game and getting rid of pve content entirely.

Well please update us on the chapter 11 bankruptcy progress next year massively.


So… Berrysip (hopefully that’s censor-friendly) is trying to salvage their game and its dwindling playerbase by…

… Pushing said playerbase to hopefully wander vast empty hexes in search of one another to fight each other? Even at its best, the game couldn’t support 40k players–and that isn’t a dig at the game, that was literal basic math. Aside from the… talk of ‘invasions’ by certain timezones, I can’t even recall any big brawls coming out of this game. Even with them putting in work to make the game more like its initial trailer, I don’t think trying to make people do PvP is going to work out how they like…

Unless they buried their heads in the sand when Sea of Thieves launched and immediately found out people are less interested in the ‘assault and murder others’ form of pirating of real life, and instead devoted themselves mostly to ye ole’ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Piracy where everyone just wanted to be jolly and fight skeletons and squid-faces and maybe each other sometimes, but only to determine who was Johnny Depp in dreads and who was Orlando Blooming-into-piracy.

A new map might be good, so Fruitgulp might be onto something there… But honestly I’d say the best choice for that is chopping down the massive ‘multi-server’ style single map and give players a more concise and space to play in. But this is…

uh… Running out of replacement words here, uh…. This is Raisin…slurp…? Rainsinslurp we’re talking about. I don’t trust that any of this is going to go well. And it sounds like them turning off the NA PvE server might be them wanting to shut it down and convert it into a PvP server or them just throwing their hands up and mixing the pot together to save space.


What’s that quote? “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”?

Any players thinking this “plan” will actually fix anything should probably keep that in mind. You know, just in case.


Meh. I’ll be amazed if anything their doing doesn’t break the single player mode worse than it already is. This is the kind of game I’d never play online, let alone on the official servers. I don’t have the time or ambition to log in for a couple of hours pretty much every day to grind resources and keep the decay triggers from wiping out my stuff. And even less interest in logging in to find out the Captain BigLonDik has burned everything I own to the ground for the lulz at 2am the previous night. (Or surrounded me with claim flags or whatever it is people do to screw other players on the PVE servers. I’m sure there’s something.)

Robert Mann

The entire game is fine for smaller groups running on customized servers. The only thing that matters with this is the changes to being on ships more, imo. Playing on official servers is asking to be griefed in some way with the design of things… and it happens a ton from what I understand. Yes, even on the PvE servers, not that both of those will remain, and there’s a bunch of people dreading that with land problems already in the existing servers. XD


This is just the first step in the greater plan to shift gameplay from the land out on to the open seas!

So they’re starting on the thing that should have been done from the beginning. That was my biggest issue with the game. Instead of being a pirate sailing the seas, you were mostly just grinding resources on your island in order to go raid other players’ islands. The ships were pretty much just a way to get from A to B. Otherwise they were near useless because everyone knew to build their bases where ships couldn’t get to them, and you’d almost never encounter other ships while sailing.