Wolcen deep-dives a number of performance improvements coming with the Second Dawn update


Lest you forget about the promised Second Dawn update arriving to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, the devs of the ARPG have resurfaced once again to detail a variety of performance improvements that are due with the update.

The post itself gets super technical, outlining a number of problems with the game that are being touched on with the update. In short, though, players should look forward to smoother framerates when lots of things like effects and damage numbers are happening on screen. As for when the Second Dawn will… um… dawn, the post notes a release window for the end of July.

Taking a quick temperature of Wolcen, we see overall “mixed” reviews, with many players decrying its bugginess — something that this update is seeking to fix. That said, the playerbase continues to bleed out, with just over 700 players at the last 24-hour peak and a steady decline from the over 31K average players the game enjoyed in February down to an average of just 577 in the past 30 days. It’s worth noting, however, that it doesn’t look as if the devs are giving up.

“In other news, Wolcen Studio is growing,” the studio wrote in June. “Almost 10 new talented members have joined our team since the release, and we’re still recruiting for a lot of positions. We’re all progressively coming back to the office following the pandemic, but we’re now almost 50 and our current office is getting a bit crowded. Therefore, we also plan to move to new offices by the end of the year to be able to welcome everyone on-site if the circumstances allow it, and we will do our best to make sure that it doesn’t affect our schedule for the second Chronicle.”

sources: Steam (1, 2), Steamcharts

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Dug From The Earth

I didnt have too many issues with bugs playing this game. Pretty much none…

My 2 biggest issues that I was surprised they went live with.

1. The horrible matchmaking system. You pretty much will never join a game with someone else unless you specifically invite them. Having a “game finder” is worthless.

2. The obvious “we didnt finish it” storyline. The game is completely missing a last act. You get there and are like “wut?” There are cliffhangers, and then there are things that were just never finished. This game story was simply not finished.


Yeah I’m going to need to see a lot more than bug fixes before I go back. That and it already ran really well on my machine so meh? Need some sort of game+ mode. It would be nice to play through the story again but with your current character and gear. Current end game is just plain boring. It’s just grind to unlock new missions or abilities with minimal effect in order to grind some more. There’s zero point to it. I love ARPGs. It’s one of my favorite genres, but I didn’t even come close to max level. It’s just so boring.

Bryan Turner

Meanwhile Crate with it’s smaller development team, working from home, managed to release a working game and a small DLC in the same amount of time after releasing the base version of Grim Dawn.

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I can’t think of a time in recent memory when I’ve regretted a purchase more than I regretted purchasing Wolcen. Likely a decent game buried in a buggy mess.