Champions Online players have a week to slay Vlad Dracul in the latest limited-time challenge


There’s yet another limited-time menace for players of Champions Online, and this one sounds like a doozy. It’s Vlad Dracul, the supervillainous version of the legendary vampire himself, arriving with all of the subtlety of a comic book-styled vampiric progenitor (which is to say not very subtly at all).

Between now and Thursday, July 23rd, players can square off against Dracul, though the announcement post warns of a stern challenge, as Ol’ Nibblenecks can wield darkness and blood magic, drain characters’ vitality, use swarms of bats to distract, and use his cape to cage players. Oh, and he can also heal himself.

For those who feel up to the challenge, the time is now to become Vampire Killers.

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