Bless Unleashed kicks off its summer event through August 12

Guns out, additional guns out.

It’s a salamander sort of summer in Bless Unleashed. No, really; turns out that every summer in Lumios involves a whole population boom of salamanders, and as these are the magical spitting-fire sort of salamander as opposed to adorable amphibians, they can set lots of stuff on fire and kind of need to be controlled. Thus, this year’s summer event is all about cutting down the population through the time-honored tradition of using violent force.

Cutting down the numbers of these critters awards Salamander Coins, which can be used to pick up items such as beachwear outfit sets, salamander weapon skins, a celebratory salamander pet (because they are pretty adorable), and so forth. This is in addition to the freebies that players can get from an Xbox Ultimate pass, including a wolf mount with glowing green paws. So you’ve got stuff to earn during the summer across the board.

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