LOTRO and DDO say they’re ‘making progress’ on the nine-day server crisis, but the community isn’t having it


The server crisis that has been plaguing both Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online for over a week now may have some hope of resolution. The terse and largely uncommunicative Standing Stone Games posted a notice last night that while LOTRO’s servers were taken offline, the studio said its tech team is “making progress” toward fixing the issue.

According to what few official statements we received last week, server instability in a few realms began to cascade to many other realms in both of SSG’s MMORPGs. Since July 15th, servers have seen rampant lag and rubberbanding, resulting in numerous server closures spanning the last nine days and the (hopefully temporary) elimination of chat.

Patience is wearing thin among both games’ communities, especially as SSG has resisted repeated entreaties to share more information about the problem. “Progress? So, what is the problem that you are making progress on? Why not tell us that?” one player asked¬†on Twitter.

“We all love the game, that’s why people are upset at SSG and their lack of info,” said another. “Don’t get me wrong — I am not expecting a tech breakdown, just some info on what’s going on and what they are doing to fix, with maybe a little timescale thrown in for good measure.”

Official forums and the websites also have been impacted by whatever this problem is. The studio said that it will be rescheduling events and adjusting subscriptions once the crisis is over.

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