Save the world in RuneScape’s Desperate Measures


Archaeology and saving the world go hand-in-hand — just ask Doctor Jones. RuneScape players have a chance to experience this themselves right now with the release of the game’s latest quest update, Desperate Measures. The mission picks up from a previous story update and involves (among other elements) the game’s Archaeology skill.

“When we last joined our heroes, all seemed lost. The World Guardian was betrayed. The Needle was stolen. And Seren’s Council were no closer to placating the Elder Gods,” Jagex said. “One year later, Thok and Charos have tracked down Kerapac in Anachronia. Now they need your help to uncover his base of operations and foil his plans. The world is literally at stake!”

Last week, Massively OP sat down with three of RuneScape’s developers to talk about the new quest and why this MMO does storytelling in a different way.

Source: RuneScape
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