Star Wars: The Old Republic begins ranked PvP season 13

Star Wars: The Old Republic begins ranked PvP season 13

Out with the old season and in with the new! Star Wars: The Old Republic kicked off Ranked PvP Season 13 this week — and with it, the reveal of the Season 13 armor set. It also appears that BioWare has lowered tier requirements to make it easier to climb your way to the rewards you desire.

“Throughout the course of Season 13 and into the start of Season 14, we’re bringing out all of the remaining Replica rewards. No more waiting for the one you’ve got your eye on to come back each Season,” the studio said.

BioWare also announced that it made one important fix to an in-game event:

Source: SWTOR

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Bryan Turner

Just got done downloading the game, then looked up some guides and realized every rotation is like 10 keystrokes so I just deleted the game; I’m in my 40s and I like my rotations to be more like Diablo 3 rotations with 6 abilities tops, or like WoW tanks, you know simple, something with less muscle memory or stretching the fuck out of my hand to hit any keys past 5 and 6.

Kickstarter Donor

I don’t know if this would be something you’re interested in, but as someone who also struggles a lot with reaching past 5 and 6 I’ve found binding abilities to letter buttons to be a godsend. Buttons like Q, T, Z, X, C, and F I found usually give me enough to handle a lot of skills and be more comfortable.