Rebirth Online makes its early access arrival to Steam


Steam is now home to another free-to-play MMORPG from our friends in South Korea. This time it’s Rebirth Online, which appears to be the PC version of the mobile MMO Rebirth M now released on Steam Early Access.

As we covered when publisher/developer Caret Games first announce the arrival of Rebirth Online, this title hits familiar feature touch points like guild vs. guild warfare, an open world full of high-fidelity graphical eye candy, open field PvP, and world bosses to take down. According to the Steam page, Rebirth Online will fully release at some point in the fourth quarter, with early access development focusing on equipment growth, character and customization features, and “more extensive co-op games.” When the game does leave early access, it will remain free-to-play.

At the time of this writing, the user review aggregate on Steam lists the game as “Negative,” with many decrying the game as a buggy port of the mobile title with a low resolution and auto-play and auto-pathing features. Make of that what you will.

source: Steam
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